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Quick Support for all

Support for all kinds of IT. Experience within Windows, Linux and MAC for endusers. Server operation with complex Network, Services or maintenance.

Company Options

Structure architect, setups and documentation for all types of Companies. Quick Support on distances

Program/Website development

Based on MySQL/PostgreSQL databases websites or programs are developed out of whished from the Customer


Many companies used or misses and external Consulent whenever they need some changes made to their running solutions.


Welcome to Peque’s Website.

I don´t know how you got to this site – accident or with caurse??. No matter what, I´ll hope that you use some time to read a little on this site. The most here is about Linux (Debian Linux endeed) but I hope that both you and everybody else can use some of the notes and projects that I been taking the time to discribe here.

The reason for making this site is to share this info that I´ve learn about Linux, so that oters could be able to make the same things that I have been able to make through a better day. This could be installing MythTV, or Servere, specielle programs or normal standart programs.

Perhaps somethings on this site are missing – there´s properly a good reason (time) for that, but you´re welcome to send a request, respons or correction to linux [add] pbj-design [dot] dk. The only demand that I have is that OpenSource should be as the name says:

Software – not nessecary free!!!! 
Remember that allways


Per Jørgensen / Peque