Install MythTV

My Scripts used for MythTV:

Using MyhtTV for so many years as I have done, I’ve tested and created many different scripts through time, from all different kind of usage. Removing old logfiles, changing channels on dreambox, update XMLTV information, automatic powersafe etc. Many of those scripts need configuration of the different params, but it’ll be written about what to do in the README.TXT file off each download. All downloads are tar.gz arkives and are able to untar them directly on the MythTV server in your system.

Update XMLTV Information in MythTV -Using TimeForTV in Denmark updatexmltv.tar
This script updates my XMLTV for MythTV, using a script for automatic inserting data, on all input sources in MythTV, since I collect data for all sources at one place, regardless the sourceID. UsingDVB-S/S2 input source.
Unfortunably this site is now closed for information 🙁
Changing channels on external dreambox dreambox.tar
if you connect an external Input sources to MythTV, such as a dreanmbox, here’s a script how I managed to get it working- using network as remote
Powersaving solution for MythTV powersaving.tar
This package includeds all scripts needed for using my solution for running MythTV – as described here