Mikrotik RouterOS

For my own protection I have after trying several different Routers/ firewall etc – I’ve ended up with this Mikrotik Router CCR1009-8GB-1S-1S+PS – which is a CloudCore Router wit 8GB ports and 1 SPF and 1spf+ NICs.

For downloading the latest version of RouterOS – Check your devices for the rigth version of the firmware

This router is for my use the best buy for the price – and have so many options.And for small offices / home users – I’ll normally use the hEX PoE Which have the right license for small networks.These along with with Ubiquity UAP Accesspoints give a good stabile network both for private and allso buisness users.This provides a secure and stabil VPN options and many many more options.

The Accesspoints information can be found here:

With this solution you allso have a centrallized management of all AP in one. Howto info can be found here.But all in all is this a quit useable solution for less many than Cisco.