After been using timefor.tv for several years – suddenly they desided, that they will not supoort download of xmltv eventhough they run it as a paid service – So no more data from timefor.tv.

Instead I began looking for a new source to collect the XMLTV from tv_grab_se_tvzon – which needs a bit of configuration. start with installing the packages for xmltv:

apt-get install xmltv xmltv-util libxmltv-perl

After installing these packages we need to configure which channels we will use from this ( do not enable all – since this is a really huge file) so run the configure command:

tv_grab_se_tvzon –configure

Now you have to answer y to all the channels you want to download guide for. Since there about 100 channels etc to collect data from – this will take some time. afterwards we can create a script that will download all data and import it into MythTV – My Script looks like this – called xmltv-update.sh:

# This script provides Data from Timefor.tv to MythTV
# Created by pbj# Different Params

# Script starting
cd /storage/scripts/xmltv/
rm -rf $XMLID

# Getting the new datafile
tv_grab_se_tvzon –days 14 –output ./tvguide.xml
chmod 777 $XMLID

# Correcting the time
# /usr/bin/python timefix.py $XMLID -o $TV

# Import it into MythTV
/usr/local/bin/mythfilldatabase –sourceid 1 –file –xmlfile $XMLID
/usr/local/bin/mythfilldatabase –sourceid 2 –file –xmlfile $XMLID


I’ve allso added a timefix – depending on summer/winter time. place the file where you want to run it from. Now add and enable the script for automaticly daily import through crontab:

chmod +x xmltv-update.sh
crontab -e  <– open crontab editor – add these lines in bottom:
0 13 * * * /path/to/xmltv-update.sh

Save the Crontab – and now it’ll import it self each day at 13:00 – called by crontab.