Lets Encrypt

Using lets Encrypt to encrypt the communication between server and client is good practice, so you ensure that everything you do on the webpage – is secure with SSL encryption and NOT readable for others.

Setting up the webserver:

Actually theres several guides – depending on which Software you’ll use for OS when using certbot¬† – Have a look here Install the plugin as described for your setup. In my case I’m using Debian and Apache2 – so after install of the packages – run the command


certbot –apache

This will run, finding the possible webpages, creating the certificate request – and will also create the redirect if wanted. The last thing I did was – creating a little script that will see if any certificates are due for renewal – which is easy as a little script like this

# Script for renewing certificates from letsencrypt
/usr/bin/certbot renew

Setup as a crontab job running each 1. in each month – and this will run unattanded.