After been using MythTV for several years РI did find it nessecary to look for something new Рso I found TVHeadend.  Mainly this software only contains information regarding the TV tuners Рand creating a IPTV server Рwhich streams the TV to all clients. In this case The clients is RaspberryPI 3 and a H96Max Android TV.

The setup:
1x Shuttle Server with Debian Linux
1x TBS6985 QuadCore Tuner for DVB-S/S2

The installation process:

After doing a totally clean install of Ubuntu Linux, I actually changed my kernel to LowLatency as described here – for getting the best performance from the TBS TVcard. The install setup is described here –>¬† – This perfomance is actually really gods for optimizing the kernel Driver for the tunercard. When running with MythTV – I actually got several driver failures, which is terminated when running lowlatency kernel.

I’ve installeded the software/driver for the TBS 6985 Quad Tuner. The driver install is described here –>

The download the latest TVheadend server from here using git

git clone

Compile the TVheadend software

cd tvheadend

That’s it – now you’re ready to start and configure your TVheaded server – just go to http://IP.OF.THE.SERVER:9981

Now you’ll start with setting up your tunercards – and do a scanning of all transponders ( In my case for DVB-S/S2)
configuring the DVB-CA as a Oscam client and setup your Channellist – and afterwards setup the EPG information attaching the EPG to a channel.