Freenas Server

Overall Setup:

After using several years with MythTV – and that way stream media to all my TV’s, I’ve have startet with an old HP Proliant and download a freenas iso. .

My Setup:

  • HP Proliant N36L
  • 4x 8TB WD NAS DIsc – Setup Raidz =21TB space
  • OS on 128GB USB3.0  stick
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1 Onboard NIC
  • 1 Dual NIC PCIe card

My Plan is actually quiting my old fileserver – and replace other machines with jails/VM on Freenas. But since my setup is diveded into several subnets, I want a administration Interface on the onboard NIC, and my dual NIC setup in LACP bond to another subnet. .