Media TV Sound

After a injurie in 2003, where I needed to lie down most of the time, I startet looking around for a solution for making a nice setup at home, where all TV, Video and musicis available from every Television in my House. Since there a many different solutions for that kind of setup, I used a lot of time trying out, testing all the different solutions that could be interestant for my setup. So among all the different options, I was ending up using MythTV- since it’ll coverall my needs on Music, TV, movies, pictures and Radio.

Here’s some of the different systems that I was testing out through that time:

After many test hours, and different setups, I ending up with a perfect system for my needs, that’ll cover every TV in my house. It’ll handles all my Concerts DVD’s, My different movies and all my music! Thats a dream come true, controlling the system from either Blackberry, keyboard og Ipad.

Hopefully you’ll have an idea of what MythTV are able to do for you – after reading my different guides, setups and improvements for this kind of setup.