Through all my years in IT – I have played around with a loth of different solutions, hardware and software. I have tried to build by Router from Scratch with a Debian on Soekris, Advanced solutions for MythTV such as WakeOnLan with second Backends or for powersaving, Centraladministration of Nagios Supervision System, Zabbix Monitoring, Opensource Groupware, Mailservers, MySQL Replication with SSL encryption on centrallized managed SSL-certs, Mailgateway on RaspberryPi, LDAP, School Administration and normal Systemadministration with Linux Servers and Windows Clients.  – so tried several solutions through times.

Therefor I’ve decidet to make it public for all – allthough several Webpages, Passwords etc are hidden. Both mainly described so anyone with a little knowledge with Computers etc – will be able to use this information ( Hopefully )

But some of the complete solutions are shown as pages – in the pane to the left ( I’ve allso but some i subpages ) if they are groupable – such as Mikrotik RouterOS – all pages are grouped under the link to the right and nowhere else – so that If you’re looking for a specific guide – you’ll properly find them somewhere in here.

Happy Hunting and keep coding 🙂